Collective Content launches WriteNow content-on-demand service

Tony Hallett

Tony Hallett

Managing Director

October 5, 2016 12:00 pm

Collective Content (UK) today announces WriteNow, the fastest and most reliable way for an organisation to source quality original content.

Until now, sourcing content has been a choice between quality and speed. Quality content takes time, whereas fast content usually lacks quality. The former has been supplied by traditional agencies, the latter by content farms and other shady internet outfits.

WriteNow is different. It has the stamp of quality that all Collective Content’s work carries. And it is made possible by a non-traditional agency model, where named content and subject matter experts do the writing, supported by our in-house team of editors.

Customers will:
–   Be able to request content online in minutes
–   Know within six hours or less if the assignment is accepted
–   If accepted, deliver content in a day (24 hours)

This original, 100% customer-owned content is then usable across various channels and for whatever need the client has.

Here’s how WriteNow works:
–   A customer completes the online form
–   Within six hours Collective Content answers the brief
–   If accepted, Collective Content turns around the content within 24 hours
– Content is delivered, usually as text in a Word document – but speak to us too about design and non-text formats

WriteNow is available now.