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Tony Hallett

Tony Hallett

Managing Director

April 18, 2012 10:12 am

Readers of these pages know we end up mentioning social media policies regularly. We’re even toying with publishing a template. (Let us know if that gets your vote too – tipping points and all that.)

They may well be considered a must-have by many organisations these days but the truth is that most are poor. They can be too long, too complex, too geared in favour of an employer, too much of a Frankenstein document (“It’ll have to go to Legal after HR…”) – the list goes on.

So when we came across a fresh approach we thought it worthy of a share. is a bible for buying a car in the US (if you’re the type of person who does their research, wants to know measurements, the going price of a second-hand vehicle etc.). It’s similar to over here.

Imagine it’s your first day and you get given this. Not bad, eh?

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