Redwood Software

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Redwood Software is a leader in process automation and robotics. Their solutions help customers stay ahead by freeing people from repetitive manual tasks and optimising processes for digital operations.

What we did

We began our journey with Redwood in June 2017. Since then we‘ve learned a huge amount in how to help communicate the company’s products, vision and values. Since the start we have worked with Redwood on a number of different but closely interrelated content workstreams.

Redwood Software


Redwood have a great story to tell. We write 3-4 posts a month with titles agreed through mutual consensus. Many are inspired by conversations with a range of Redwood executives and brand advocates. All posts are scheduled in a shared editorial calendar. Each post goes through our double-level QA process. Then we collaborate with design lead on imagery and the post goes live. We have also provided content for social channels to promote the posts.

Video scriptwriting

Redwood recognises video as a major differentiator for brands. We have written a series of video scripts to connect with prospects and customers, communicating brand values simply and succinctly. Once written, the scripts are provided to Redwood’s in-house animators and director for design and production.

LinkedIn ghostwriting

This is a recent extension to our blogging work. We talk to Redwood thought leaders on a weekly basis to understand emerging industry trends and company brand propositions. Then we turn those thoughts into regular LinkedIn posts that can be shared socially. A key aim is getting to know the writer’s voice and to keep the Redwood conversation going.

Google SEM copywriting

Since the beginning of our partnership, we have worked with Redwood’s SEM expert to fine-tune AdWords options and create landing pages for campaigns.

Market research

During 2018 we have worked with Redwood to develop the company’s understanding of customer perceptions. Research has largely consisted of qualitative interviews of Redwood prospects and customers to better understand how they perceive the company and its proposition. Research insights have in turn helped hone messages and content.

Working with other agencies

An important part of our Redwood work is our collaboration with their other agencies. These Include:

  • PR – liaising over press releases and repurposing blog content.
  • Social media – writing social content for multiple channels
  • SEM – honing AdWords copy and landing pages
  • Design – providing suggestions for layout and tweaking copy to fit templates

Brand assets and editorial calendars are shared through an online resource with content repurposed where possible for use in other channels.

At Collective Content, one of our key success criteria is that we become a natural extension of the client’s internal marketing team.


“The team at Collective Content deliver pragmatic strategy and very well articulated messaging across all our communications channels. And in a way that really help differentiate our brand and solution propositions to our intended target audiences. They’re very easy to work with, smart and understand the subtleties and nuances of our propositions and how best to explain these in an easy-to-consume way.

“Previously, I had an inhouse copywriter, but a significant amount of my personal time was taken up having to go through revisions after revisions. What has been really refreshing about Collective is that their deliverables need no further revisions from me and they are exactly right first time round. Not only do they save me the time and headache but I also value their counsel and advice.”

Simon Shah, chief marketing officer, Redwood Software