Tech Quarterly: Your new source of curated, high-quality data on AI, IoT, VR, more

May 27, 2020 8:24 pm

Have you heard about Tech Quarterly?

We’ve just started spreading the word about it on social media and today are excited to introduce you to it properly.

It’s a new content type we launched quietly earlier this year, which takes the form of a curated list of the most important forecasts and analyses from our expert editors in specialist subject areas.

We think of it as a ‘best of’ our editors’ bookmarks – the stories and links we gather as we follow artificial intelligence, automation, CIOs, Internet of Things, virtual reality/augmented reality/extended reality (VR/AR/XR) and – coming soon – data privacy.

Tech Quarterly grew out of something we already do: each Collective Content team member follows a ‘beat’ area (our journo pasts are showing) by keeping up on all the latest research, developments and forecasts.

The value to us internally is clear – it enables us to offer topic-based advice and insight to clients. But we started to realise there could be value to others, too, in this level of human curation – which is materially different than the list of links you’re presented with after a simple search engine query.

We asked ourselves: Why not publish these links to share with clients or anyone else who’s interested in these areas?

We could think of only upsides… and so Tech Quarterly was born.

Our editors provide sources that are substantive and forward-looking: research reports, market stats, new developments and predictions. It’s the sort of info you can use in your own content, business plans, presentations and wherever you need quality data.

We began publishing Tech Quarterly in Q1 of this year and, as the name promises, will provide updates every three months.

The topics and experts covered are:

Follow Tech Quarterly today and see the top research for Q1 and Q2.  We’ll bring you fresh links over coming weeks.

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