Are you special?

November 26, 2019 1:40 am

I do a lot of research online, visiting both news sites and corporate sites. An increasing number of sites demand I register before I can access any useful information. The situation escalates when I turn on my browser’s VPN feature. I use it to stop malicious sites from infecting my computer, and to avoid pop-up ads and those video ads that start playing automatically. When I click on a search result to check out a site, those sites respond to my browser in one of three ways:

  1. The site loads without ads and works as normal
  2. The site pops up a message telling me they’ve detected ad blocking, and asks me to unblock their ads or buy a subscription. They then allow me to proceed to use the site as normal even if I do neither
  3. The site pops up a message telling me they’ve detected that I’m ad blocking, and demands I either unblock their ads or give them money and I can proceed no further

I will happily go ahead and use site types A and B. When it comes to site type C, well… In nearly every case, I’ll just close the site and go find the information I need somewhere else. With type-B sites, I will even whitelist those I find useful and pay for those that are exceptional. They are sites I’ll go back to again and again. Site C is off my list. Permanently.

Whatever your message and whatever type of assets you have, remember that it must be accessible to your audience if it is to have any effect. You get one chance to make a good first impression, as the saying goes. The desire to tightly control the user experience can, instead, completely derail the experience. Giving users a reason to engage with your site, your assets and your brand allows them to develop their own appreciation for what you’re offering.

Beyond ensuring basic accessibility, you also need to figure out what makes your company special and your message unique. We can help with that. Because you deserve to be heard.

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