11 essential content marketing links for Q2 17

June 28, 2017 2:30 am

  1. B2B content marketing trends in 2017 [Infographic] This is one of those ‘If you only read one piece…’ pieces. At least it is for B2B content marketers, which is where we mainly play.
  2. CMOs ‘invisible’ to majority of employees. Which department would you think should be best at promotion in most big companies? And who’s the boss of that department? Exactly. So why are almost nine in 10 UK employees unable to name their CMO?
  3. 7 steps to documenting a content marketing strategy that works This is one of those posts that a bunch of people in content marketing should keep handy, just in case the boss’ boss has some questions. Evergreen.
  4. Content marketing vs. advertising – what’s the difference? You know there’s a difference. Read this and you’ll know how to explain it to your family at the next get-together.
  5. Brand journalism and PRs: Playing a little better in 2017 We had to include this, as it’s piece of our own; we carried out this unique study based on the premise that brand journalists will engage the PR community. This is what PRs think of that.
  6. How to craft an irresistible ‘Call To Action’ Not all the best posts are about strategy. ClickZ is great at tactical advice. In this case, the pointers are around the humble CTA.
  7. Ask a content strategist: What content metrics really matter? Metrics do matter. This isn’t art. But which ones? Contently consistently nails this, here with a usable chart from mega-analyst Rebecca Lieb.
  8. Lastminute.com brings content creation in-house as it looks to bring back ‘human touch’ Now we can’t say we approve of companies bringing content production in-house (!), but we have to be honest and say it’s sometimes the right thing to do. Here’s Lastminute.com’s story.
  9. Visual content marketing: Do’s and don’ts Visual content marketing is all the rage. This older, long read covers plenty of angles if, like us, you’re thinking of upping what you do beyond the written word.
  10. 3 in 5 marketers feel staff shortages will hold back the industry in 2017 Have we mentioned people yet? Because people are important. Research here from April shows marketing is no exception – and we’re short of the right talent. That’s why the right model to create content is important… but you’re getting into another pet subject of ours.
  11. Time for B2B enterprise marketers to get focused on their audience vs. their brands [New research] And let’s end this quarter’s recap as we began, with a meaty B2B overview – this time from the mighty Content Marketing Institute.

Why 11 links? Don’t all the best team sports have 11 players on each side? Or are we being unfair to basketball and rugby? We’ll have more of our favourite findings in three months’ time.

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