The ultimate content agency?

January 10, 2017 11:49 am

There’s a question mark at the end of that headline. That’s because over the past few months we wrote several pieces about what to look for in a content agency. Here we bring them together and genuinely ask you: Do you agree?

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As opposed to those who run integrated agencies or, at content agencies, say they will give you any format on any subject, we believe in specialising.

Two subsequent posts were related, inasmuch as being open about who is creating your content goes hand-in-hand with a model that allows your agency – and so youto scale. After all, content has to be kept fresh and can’t be reproduced across the internet for long periods in the same way as a standard display ad, for example.

Then we wondered if every agency needs a superpower. (They don’t.) But it’s good if you’re known for something. An agency somewhere might be the cheapest, the oldest, the fastest and so on. We’re not unique but in the minority that are run by ex-journalists. So that’s part of our creative DNA.
And lastly, we considered one of the big agency taboos. We decided to write about how we charge for content. While we understand few B2B companies are transparent about their rates, we don’t see why more aren’t open about the way(s) they calculate fees.

Many of our clients are moving to pay-as-you-go or as-a-service pricing for complex business software. If they can do it, shouldn’t we all be a little more straightforward?

As ever, we’d love your views on what your ideal content agency looks like.

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