11 best content marketing links (Q2 16)

July 19, 2016 3:46 pm

  1. What is the difference between content and content marketing? Answer: It’s all in the destination…
  1. 11A time when PR and content marketing work together… Our annual research looks at how brand journalists and PRs will interact – if at all. The results may surprise you.
  1. Six ways high-performing CMOs outpace their competitors The CMO usually gets a mention in our quarterly round-ups. Makes sense. Many drive content marketing throughout their organisations. Others are less gung-ho. Not this lot.
  1. Who said long form was dead? Hey, certainly not us. We’ve long talked about the advantages of long form content, when done well. Note: when done well.
  1. Content marketing outsourcing: The agency vs freelancer question This is close to our heart, as seen by how often we talk about in-house or agency. We’re glad to see Jeff give another honest look at the pros and cons of each outsourced approach here.
  1. Will brands fund the next ‘Spotlight’? Our own Tony Hallett was quoted in this piece from the Content Strategist. The prognosis for brand pubs getting pally with Pulitzers…? Don’t hold your breath. But quality work will become more common.
  1. To combat image issues, Walmart bets big on its own newsroom We love a good case study. This one from Digiday shows brand newsrooms – even if not for every brand – are very much on the up, in this case for Walmart.
  1. 7 tips to write the most effective calls to action OK, time for some down and dirty tips, a couple from lesser-known sources. To start, how do you get the humble CTA right?
  1. Buyer personas you want to use: The 9 essential parts Buyer personas are an important part of planning your content. Here’s the breakdown.
  1. The most popular day for B2B webinars and other best practices And 3 of 3, what’s the secret to good B2B webinars?
  1. Why content marketing needs ghostwriters Another subject that is controversial but important to us. Ghostwriting gets a bad rap from some, in this age of authenticity, but content marketing needs it.

OK, enough for now. We hope you enjoy this round-up. These are some of the links that have left the biggest impression on us recently. Why 11?  It’s the best times table. Until next time.
*photo credit: 11 via photopin (license)

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