11 best content marketing links (Q1 16)

Tony Hallett

Tony Hallett

Managing Director

March 30, 2016 8:10 am

  1. The C-Suite won’t read your white paper, no This is a controversial post for us to reference, given how much work we do on white papers. But we love the honesty and big-picture view – two qualities we’d always encourage in our clients’ content. See what you think.
  1. Legal approvals are killing brand newsrooms. Here’s how to get past them OK, this quarter the ‘how’ of content marketing features heavily. We like practical advice. We have blogged several times in the past about the role of legal in content marketing versus media and this post will help many who are hamstrung by the sign-off process.Eleven
  1. What the content marketing team of the future looks like This subject isn’t covered as much as it should be but again is very important to the ‘how’ of content marketing, especially at larger organisations.
  1. Editorial boards in B2B content marketing: A beginners’ guide We’ve been involved in several editorial boards at media publications and they can be invaluable for brands trying to create useful or entertaining content. Again, would love to see this becoming more common and that needs talking points like this.
  1. Is content marketing more effective than native advertising? Often these two disciplines are confused. Or people see native as a sub-section of content marketing (which you can argue it is). But in this post expert Michael Brenner makes the case for content marketing – the longevity, ROI and control you get are all superior, he argues, among other qualities.
  1. How to use content that isn’t yours This is a pet subject of ours, mainly because sharing is good yet ripping off other people is bad. What’s the difference, you may ask? Well, attributing or even holding off re-use are all part of the content game and techniques such as using Creative Commons, even for commercial organisations, should be well understood.
  1. Ad blockers: One big distraction from the real issue We couldn’t let this quarter pass without at least one mention of a huge subject for online content: ad blocking. Why do we care? Aside from the funding of the world’s media online – a big enough reason for us all to care in itself – ad blocking also means brands need to find other ways of reaching audiences. Creating content and owning their channels, such as websites and newsletters, become even more important.
  1. A short guide to assessing the ROI of your content marketing Again, in ROI we have a subject that is poorly addressed and little understood. Here’s a concise way of thinking about justifying your efforts and spend.
  1. 30 stunning cinemagraphs that will blow your mind [link no longer available] Here’s a random one. Visual content is hot right now. But ever considered using cinemagraphs? If you’re unsure what they are – or even if you’re not – here are some great examples.
  1. An epic guide to creating epic content OK, here’s one of those putting-it-all-on-the-table pieces about how to go about creating a piece of content and using it. We salute Rob Wormley and encourage you to bookmark this one.

And finally…

  1. Handwriting resurgence – is the pen mightier than the keyboard? Here’s a quirky one to end on. Some scientists have argued for a while that the manual process is linked to brain development and even part of what defines us as human. (Think of all those nights ancient man huddled around campfires or in caves crafting things.) So might it be that we lose something by only working on keyboards and screens? Is there a role for handwriting in your job?

OK, enough for this quarter. We hope you enjoy this round-up. These are some of the links that have left the biggest impression on us over the past 13 weeks or so. Why 11?  The trickiest of wingers wear the number 11 on their back. Until next time.
*photo credit: Advent Calendar number 11 via photopin (license)

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