11 best content marketing links (Q3 15)

September 30, 2015 4:43 pm

  1. Lazy Eyes: How we read online (Slate) So let’s start with a must-read. And that’s appropriate because this first post is all about the parts of a page or post (online or offline) that get read.
  1. 20 Signs Your Web Content Writer Won’t Cut Through the Crap (Barry Feldman) We write a lot about the craft of writing and editing, so this post by Barry Feldman was after our own hearts. One of the best lists we’ve seen.Tangle Toy
  1. Article or Ad? When It Comes to Native, No One Knows (Contently) We see native advertising as a channel for content marketing. It’s effective for brands and a lifeline of revenue for many publishers but will always have its critics. This is one of the best analysis pieces we’ve seen on native.
  1. and 5. Daily Mail, WPP and Snapchat to launch native advertising agency (Guardian) It’s a toss up (BBC Worldwide also launched its big native play) but this was arguably the big native launch and partnership of the quarter.
  1. Your Customers Like Long-Form Content Much More Than You Think They Do (MarketingProfs) We’re big fans of long-form. Here is some good data on why you should consider it part of your content mix.
  1. The New Red Bulls: Why Every Big Brand Is Launching a Media Company (Contently) Like the headline says, opting out of the content game isn’t much of an option for big companies.
  1. Why Does Dell Employ a ‘Managing Editor’? (Hint: Content Marketing) (Ad Age) OK, this predates Q3 but we saw and shared this piece in the last three months. Great insight into the type of people (people like us!) who run brand content like a media publication.
  1. How to use paid, earned and owned media in your content marketing strategy (Econsultancy) Simple, solid advice from Rebecca Baines writing for Econsultancy.
  1. Cheat Sheet: Pitching content management services to top management (Cygnet Infotech) We’re going to be rolling out some training around content marketing in Q4 – hands-on skills but also areas like this: how to get exec level buy-in. This is a good primer for now.
  1. The Dark Side of Content Marketing (The Social Marketers) We’re never ones to shy away from what’s not right about content marketing. We’ll leave you with this different take on the unacceptable face of the discipline.

These are some of the links that have made the biggest impression on us over the past three months. And why 11? Why not?
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