Google tells the Cambridge Satchel story

Tony Hallett

Tony Hallett

Managing Director

January 9, 2013 10:03 am

Over the past four months you might have seen a TV ad for Google’s Chrome browser featuring a UK-based satchel-maker and seller. In just over a minute it tells the story of the start-up – the Cambridge Satchel Company run by Julie Deane – that quickly grew its business from an initial idea.

It’s all told via the gift of Google interfaces (chat, email, search, Google+, Android, YouTube and so on).

Most importantly – it’s true. Cambridge Satchel - Racing Green
There are a number of video ads that are pushing the boundaries and some agencies like us spend too long wondering whether they count as content marketing or not. (Most don’t.)

Whichever category you’d prefer to place this effort from Google, what we like the most is that in under a minute it elegantly tells a story that pretty much anyone can relate to.

Nice work from Google – and good luck to Julie and co.

Bonus: There is also a great backstory to why Julie got started.

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