20 top Collective Content Monday Tips from 2012

December 17, 2012 9:29 am

We’ve had fewer than six months of Monday Tips on the Collective Content Facebook page (because the page is only that old). That said, there have been some good ones.

Here are some with links, some without (because they didn’t need them). Some are curated, some directly from Collective Content, because that’s one of the things we do.

  1. Adjusting your content for every individual is hard but adjusting for each social distribution channel isn’t. Don’t cut and paste the same posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. – tweak for each audience.
  2. Make your written style consistent if not correct on the internet. (Or should that be Internet?)
  3. Animated GIFs are all the rage. If you have a short video clip, this service does the rest for you.
  4. Try to view your content as others see it eg open an Incognito Window in Chrome, use View Profile in LinkedIn, try the browsers/apps on all the devices you can lay your hands on.
  5. Try to synchronise what you do over social media. And we really like this line: “…contact people on their own ground, via their favourite network, you stand a better chance of hitting your message home.”
  6. We recently blogged about those who try to shamelessly tie exploit trending subjects. Here’s how to avoid crass ‘news-jacking’.
  7. “Hardly any news-led content is economically viable” – UBM CEO David Levin speaking at #aopsummit earlier this month. Whatever kind of publisher you are, you can provide news, only be aware of the costs.
  8. Nearly all screen sizes, pixel x pixel, on this page of Wikipedia?
  9. Readability tests – the Ultimate List (a good resource if you don’t know it already). Bonus: Great Gatsby photo!
  10. More on times to share over social channels but this time with a handy B2B and B2C breakdown.
  11. Life is too short to write with an uncomfortable pen. (What? We never said all the Monday tips were digital and cutting edge.)
  12. Twitter shortcuts you say? Here’s some expert advice (link no longer available)…
  13. Be smart about your blogging. Here are 22 tools for that can help, each recommended by an expert.
  14. For presentations, website design, blog posts and social media (see our header on this page) we’re big advocates of Wordle.
  15. Events are an important content platform. Here’s how to put questions to those on stage.
  16. When you scan down a column of tweets which pics/logos stand out? Now consider what yours looks like. Is it distinctive? Can someone find it in a hurry?
  17. This week’s is all about sweating your ass(ets). Or, rather more straightforwardly, getting the most out of content that already exists.
  18. Sometimes, always, never – not the buttons on a three-button jacket but whether to run two, one or more than two accounts on a single social network. More than two and you’ll go crazy.
  19. Use namechk.com for simultaneously checking availability of names across various social channels. Or you could just use it to see how many social sites are out there that you don’t know about.
  20. Never, ever assume you can just copy something from the web.
    *photo credit: Ksayer1 via photopin cc

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