The web without words?

Tony Hallett

Managing Director

March 6, 2012 11:45 am

I just blogged over on about the rise of Pinterest and other channels that show traffic online is increasingly coming from non-text formats – whether photos, infographics, video or other.

For most content creators, assuming they are after a sizable as well as an appropriate audience, this is a challenge. There are some things that we will always need to convey in words, often lots of words.

Some consumers of content hate that. But it’s the way it is.

In other instances, given a choice, people will often favour the visual. There is a challenge with this – how to source or take the right photo, commission the right illo, create the right video.

Sometimes these can take time and money – and even then there’s no guarantee of greater consumption or engagement than a simple, well-crafted written piece.

So a challenge, for the likes of us. The only answer we can give is this: Use the appropriate medium. Remember that the web and even something like an offline tablet or smart-phone give you more flexibility to choose the right tool for your job than ever before.

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