NEW E-book: Everything in Moderation – How to chair, moderate and otherwise lead events

March 2, 2012 9:48 am

We’re really proud to announce that Collective Content is the publisher of a new e-book, priced at just £2.50/$3.99, aimed at anyone with speaking and moderating duties at live events.

Written by CC:UK founder and director Tony Hallett, Everything in Moderation (EIM) is available from both Amazon (UK , US and others)  and Smashwords. (The good thing about Smashwords is that it’s available in about 10 formats and will soon be distributed to other major online e-bookstores, including Apple’s iBookstore.)

Illustrated cover for new e-book

Everything in Moderation, not available at a physical bookshop, good or otherwise

Over the coming weeks this blog will be drilling down into some of the areas EIM covers. It was written off the back of several hundred appearances at conferences and on business TV programmes, also typically for interviews or panels.

But more importantly, few other sources of information were going into detail on everything from commanding a stage, to doing your event homework, to wearing the right kind of clothing.

And with this kind of thing – let’s face it – there is room for some humour, borne out of a mishap or two. EIM isn’t afraid to tell those stories, with Tony illustrating chapters with anecdotes and bite-sized war stories.

The book is available for around $4 or £2.50 (prices may vary by store for really boring reasons).

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