Collectivist #1: Your UK events go-to

January 31, 2012 11:47 am

I’d like to introduce something new for the CC:UK blog this year. Every month I am briefly going to profile a Collectivist, my name for someone awesome  I have worked with extensively and who is often still a partner or source of advice when it comes to various clients.

This isn’t a traditional directory. Every Collectivist is someone I know personally, someone who is at the top of their game in their chosen field. If I can’t vouch for them, they’re not getting in.

Events needs
First up this year is SLB Events  , a London-based conference and event management agency run by Sally Blakeney. I have worked with Sally when hosting 600-person-plus awards and intimate dinners and debates for 20 executives (within the last year).

And SLB Events can do everything inbetween – and each side of – that spectrum. For other clients and in other roles she has gone large – think a roadshow for 3,000 – and even more intimate.

Sally and her core team are thorough, down to every detail, yet also highly flexible. I’ve seen it many times and her other clients also like their no fuss, professional approach.

Let me know if you’d like any more information. I have no stake in them but Collective Content UK readily recommends SLB Events.
Sally Blakeney – 0845 888 4022

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