No logo

January 10, 2012 1:18 pm

This doesn’t refer to the famous 2001 book by Naomi Klein – rather, you might have noticed a lack of logo on this site, what some marketers I’ve worked with would refer to as ‘brand identity’.
This isn’t normally something for public debate. You either decide not to have one or just get on and get one created. What’s to discuss?
I think it’s worth half a page because over coming weeks I’m likely to be using a crowdsourced online service, perhaps, and I’d like to share how that goes.
Such services allow small businesses to put out to tender well-defined projects in areas such as design or tech. I’m not sure whether ‘crowdsourced’ is the right word in this case – to me that implies a number of parties working together. With 99designs you get a few dozen different designers all submitting their efforts separately. I find myself wondering how that works for the vast majority who eventually don’t get your money.
Anyway, if you’ve had any similar experiences please get in touch with me or leave a Comment here.
The follow-on with this has to be something like: You have your logo, now how does it fit with that website?

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