Launch time

January 3, 2012 11:36 am

Isn’t it customary to say what a journey it’s been to get to this stage, to get to the first blog post kicking off a new business? For a company that specialises in all kinds of services that have content at their core you shouldn’t be hearing it’s a big achievement to launch a site, a blog, to pen a few words.
To be honest, I realise all the work is ahead. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have lots to say now.
If you’re reading this you clearly have some kind of interest in what Collective Content stands for, what it will become. Thank you. Thank for you coming this far and hopefully a bit further still.
I’m Tony Hallett, the founder. I’m not sure any grander job title is appropriate. I’ve worked in media, mainly out of the UK, mainly for US-owned companies and brands since the mid-1990s.
I’ve held or been responsible for various roles you’ll find in this sector but have always felt lucky to be grounded in content creation.
From hardcore journalism to the lightest of outreach by brands over social media, all types of content are becoming more important than ever. It is nowadays easier to reach audiences because of the range of channels and low barriers to entry – and simultaneously harder, because of the giant echo chamber filled by every other company (every other person?), even if their message isn’t half as interesting as yours.
But remember this – great content cuts through.
Doesn’t matter if that’s from a big-name writer at a major media owner, the bedroom blogger who knows a niche better than anyone, a viral video openly created and distributed from a vendor, or a B2B company turning to online content creation and social media for the first time to communicate with their customers. It works.
I’m looking forward to helping you with any number of those areas and more. My initial inroads with this new business have been promising – though not so promising that I’ll neglect this blog, I tell myself.
You’ve been able to find me on Twitter for the past couple of years as @tphallett – now please help me now get @ColContent off the ground. (Which I realise sounds a lot like Colonel Content, placing me somewhere on a spectrum between a dictator and fried chicken magnate.)
Both on Twitter and on these pages I’ll be saying what’s coming next from CC:UK (including something about our push in B2C).
More soon.  And thanks for all the support so far.

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